Generator Fuel Bowser Hire

We offer generator fuel bowser hire in addition to our generator hire for both private events and generator site hire. The addition of a fuel bowser gives peace of mind when running a longer event, where your generator is running for extended times. Ideal for a weekend packed full of events. Perhaps you are making use of a wedding marquee for other parties and events.

Our fuel browsers are essential for longer usage such as at building sites, on a film location, festivals, and agricultural and summer shows where power is needed over a few days.

Details of our fuel bowsers for generators

Meet Basil our newest fuel bowser!

Basil the fuel bowser

Basil (all our generators and bowsers have names) is available to hire alongside our generators.

  • Basil is a 900-litre towable fuel bowser with 3/8ths generator fuel connections to ensure your generator doesn’t run out of fuel during your event.
  • Allows a direct connection to the generator for extended running times
  • A 12V electric fuel pump is included. Ideal for those weekend events.

Hire Basil the fuel bowser and ensure your generator has all the fuel it needs to keep the show on the road. If you have an extended event or know you may need a fuel bowser, it’s always worth contacting us well ahead of time as we only have a limited supply of Basil and his brothers!

Just contact Paul or Leoni to find out whether you will need Basil for your outside power needs to ensure your requirements are met. They will guide you as to the best equipment for the job, leaving nothing to chance, ensuring your event runs without a power hitch!