Cornwall generator and fuel bowser for hire

EV Charging Point Hire for Events

The demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging points at events is increasing in remote locations or under temporary circumstances. Get ahead of the game at your event by hiring EV charging points from Cornwall Generator Hire and attract more visitors and improve your environmental standing. EV charging point hire is also the ideal choice for companies looking for a short-term EV charging solution whilst gaging requirements ahead of permanent EV charging points being designed and built.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with your EV charging requirements.


EV charger rental from Cornwall Generator Hire

What temporary EV charging points do we have for hire?

Our EV charging points are available to offer temporary Mode 3, Type 2 electrical charging points in

1way, 2way, 3way or 4way formats.

We have both 16amp (3.6kW) and/or 32amp (7.2kW) socket(s)

When would you hire EV charging points?

  1. Public events
    • Festivals and concerts
    • Summer fairs
    • Agricultural shows
    • Conferences
  2. Vehicle launches
    • New vehicle development and testing
    • Press launches
    • Ride and drive promotions
  3. Temporary car parks
    • Overflow car parks
    • Car park shutdowns
    • Test sites for town planning

Adding EV charging points will attract new customers to your events and improve your sustainability and environmental standing.

Contact us today and find out how we can improve your event, show, festival or exhibition by providing EV charging points for your customers and visitors. We look forward to hearing from you!