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Before filling out the form below for a quote, to save time, please consider your requirements carefully to ensure we have as much information as possible to provide you with a detailed cost for hiring our generators.

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See notes below for help in filling in the form

Generator size

What size generator are you looking to hire? If this is unknown, what plans do you have for the weekend, take into account which suppliers will require power? Will your caterers require power, this often gets overlooked. Will they require sockets and what equipment will they be bringing such as refrigeration?

Running time for the generator

How long will you need your generator to run from and to? This will affect the amount of fuel we take into consideration. Catering companies normally require power earlier than the start of the event.

Accurate addresses

We require the full address of the ‘hirer’ or ‘enquirer’  as well as the site location for our systems to enable a quote. Please use the app What 3 Words to give the absolute location of the venue as this might be miles from a postcode. It’s essential to have this to calculate transport costs now and later to ensure accurate delivery.

Do you require an electrical package?

We can supply just the generator or an electrical package to include cables, extension leads, and sockets as required. We should be able to calculate a package based on your response to what the generator will be powering.

Do you require a backup generator?

Have you considered a standby generator too? Especially if your event is some distance from us. Although we are always available for the hire duration, often customers like to have ‘peace of mind’ that there is a backup on site. We offer a reduced rate for this if we know in advance to ensure we have availability.

Who is your marquee supplier?

This is often helpful to know as each marquee supplier has their own requirement for the number of sockets they’ll use for lighting, sound system etc. If you know the day the Marquee is being set up that’s a bonus, especially if we are providing the electrical installation.

The more information you can give us the more accurate our quotation will be rather than an attempt to guess!